Lecture: Pearls of Algorithms (MA-INF 1101)
(WS 12/13)


Mon 14:30-16:00 HS A207, Wed 8-10 HS A207

Start of the lecture: Wed, 10th of October

Exams (if taken by Prof. Blum)

  • Wednesday, 13th of February 2013
  • optionally Tuesday/Wednesday, 19th/20th of February 2013
  • Contact: kretschm@cs.uni-bonn.de

Exams (second round)

  • Tuesday, 26th of March 2013
  • Wednesday, 27th of March 2013
  • Please contact Matthias Kretschmer to get your exact time of exam.


  • Tutorials are organized using the Tutorienvergabesystem. Registration by the system is only possible using an IP-address which belongs to the university network (use a computer on campus or the VPN). Registration to the lecture can be done using any device from any IP-address.
  • Registration is open until 23rd of October, 15:00h
  • First tutorial: Wednesday October 24th resp. Thursday October 25th
  • Contact: kretschm@cs.uni-bonn.de
  • Homeworks

Lecture Notes