Lecture: Pearls of Algorithms (MA-INF 1101)
(WS 14/15)


  • Mon, 14:30-16:00, HS III.03a (LBH)
  • Wed, 8-10, HS III.03a (LBH)

Start of the lecture: Monday, 6th of October

Exams (if taken by Prof. Blum)

  • Tuesday/Wednesday, 10th/11th of February 2015 (LBH Room II.67)
  • Tuesday, 24th of March 2015 (LBH Room II.67)
  • Contact for an appointment: Adrian Schmitz.


  • Wed, 12:30-14:00, II.57 LBH
  • Thu, 12:30-14:00, II.57 LBH
  • Tutorial presence and exercise sheets are voluntary, but recommended
  • Contact: Anna Grosswendt.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes (TeX-Version)