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Vorträge im Seminar
Combinatorial Pattern Matching
(Abteilung IV, WS1995/96)

  1. Optimal Parsing of Strings
  2. Finding Repetitions in a String
  3. Time-Space Optimal String Matching
  4. Suffix Arrays
  5. Suffix Binary Search Trees
  6. Fast Multiple Keyword Searching
  7. Dynamic Dictionary Matching
  8. Sorting by Reversals
  9. Determining DNA Sequence Similarity
  10. Multiple Sequence Alignment
  11. Approximating Shortest Superstrings
  12. String Matching with Don't-Care Patterns
  13. Searching Subsequences
  14. Approximate String Matching with Suffix Automata
  15. Computing Covers of a String
  16. Efficient Text Searching of Regular Expressions

Claus Rick
Wed Jun 28 13:48:47 MET DST 1995