safety precautions

Institut of Computer Science V

Notice: This is a draft translation only. The regulations presented in the original (german) information sheet are to be obeyed as described there.
All regulations stated for empleyees also extend to students and guests as fare as they are applicatable and the persons have been instructed.

The persons employed are obligated in accordance with § 15 industrial safety law, take care of their safty and health during work according to their possibilities and in accordance with the instruction and information of the employer. assure  security and health of the persons, who are affected by their actions or hirings during work.
    3. to use machines, devices, tools, working materials, means of transport and other media as well as safety divices and  personal protection equipment as intended by the provider. announce each identified direct substantial danger for security or health as well as each defect of the protective systems to the responsible person immediately.

2. general precautions

 1 The operating manuals  and instructions for technical and other media are to be obeyed.
 2 Protection devices may not be removed or made ineffective by manipulation.
 3 Each identified direct substantial danger for security and health as well as each defect, which can
   impair security, determined at machines, devices, materials or protection device, is to be announced
   immediately to the responsible personnel. The devices are to be marked as defective. The repair may be
   performed only by technical personnel. Until the removal of threatening dangers the devices may not be used.
 4 Transportation devices, waste-paper baskets as well as other not stationary
   objects are to be placed in such a way that no tripping or falling danger exists.
 5  For reaching  heights over 1,80 m at shelves and cabinets suitable of ascent aids are to be used. The use
   of chairs, boxes and shelve boards is prohibited.
 6 All doors open into the corridor. Therefore special attention and caution are required when opening doors from
   the inside and while staying in the corridor.
 7 While working with a computer the guidelines of work ergonimics  are to be considered.
 8 While handling computers general precautionary measures for electrical devices are to be taken into account. No
   liquids may  be brought into the direct proximity of the computers and no objects not specificaly designated for this use may be inserted into any part of the computer
  The devices may be opened by authorized technical personnel only.
 9 Laser pointers must not be directed towards persons.
 10 Never look directly into optical projection devices, e.g. beamers.
 11 The guidelines of work ergonomics are also to be taken into account when designing computer devices and programs.

3. Fire protection and first aid

         1.For escape and emergency routes, fire extinguishers, first aid mechanisms, warning devices, fire protection information sheets and first aid assistans click here.
         2.Escape and emergency routes as well as emergency exits and escape mechanisms are to be kept free. Fire doors and smoke conclusion doors are to be kept closed.
         3.In appropriate time intervals is to be practiced how the persons employed can save themselves or be saved in the case of danger or emergency.
         4.Electrical devices (coffee machines, water heaters) must be switched off after use (fire risk). The doors and windows are to be kept closed (not locked)  in the case of fire if
         5.Computers are excluded from 4. and may be switched off only with explicit permission.
         6.The elevators are not to be used in the case of fire.

4.Disposal guidelines
     1.The waste producer has to guarantee up to the final disposal that no danger for persons or the environment  can be caused by the wastes, their containers and their content.
     2. Sheets with personal data must be destroyed at expiration time of the safekeeping period by a procedure certified for it.
     3.All special waste is to be disposed to the appropriate facilities of the university.

5.Further sources of information:
         1.On request the safety manual of the Universtitaet Bonn can be inspected in the secretariat.