ERT Group Bonn

Dept. of Computer Science
University of Bonn,
53113 Bonn

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The ERT Homepage

ERT and PET:

The International Computer Science Institute
Hierarchical Encoding of MPEG Sequences Using PET (C. Leicher 1995)
The ICSI PET home page



MPEG-FAQ by Luigi Filippini
MPEG.ORG -- MPEG Pointers and Resources
PDF-version of the MPEG-Standard (draft)
MPEG Background (Berkeley)
Yet another description of MPEG compression algorithm

Audio Resources:


MPEG audio resources on the internet
Index of /pub/multimedia/sun-sounds/sound_effects
GSM Overview (not much about audio encoding)
GSM Page at TU Berlin (Home of TOAST, a free GSM library)



Image Compression with Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees
Embedded Zerotree Wavelet Encoding
JPEG 2000 still image coding versus other standards

A brief guide to wavelet sources
Amara's Wavelet Page
What is wavelet theory?
A Really Friendly Guide to Wavelets
A wavelet tutorial from S. Mallat's book
Eduard Kriegler's EZW Implementation

Error-correcting Codes:

Course EE 387: Error-Correcting Codes ,Stanford University, Spring 2001-2002
 An Introduction to Error Correcting Codes