ERT Group Bonn

Dept. of Computer Science
University of Bonn,
53117 Bonn

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The ERT Homepage

Some links concerning MPEG:

MPEG Video und Audio, deutsche Einfuehrung
MPEG-FAQ byLuigi Filippini
MPEG.ORG -- MPEG Pointers and Resources
PDF-version of the MPEG-Standard (draft)
Toward Digital Video Compression Part III of III (about DCT)
MPEG Background (Berkeley)
another GOOD MPEG overview
Spatial Redundancy Reduction(DCT)

Audio Resources:

Sound And Music File Formats
MPEG audio resources on the internet
Utilities for sound conversion
Index of /pub/multimedia/sun-sounds/sound_effects
Sound & Music File Formats
GSM Overview (not much about audio encoding)
GSM Page at TU Berlin (Home of TOAST, a free GSM library)
Technology Watch GSM Page
a GSM sample page
GSM codec source code (free)

and something about ERT and PET:

The International Computer Science Institute
Hierarchical Encoding of MPEG Sequences Using PET (C. Leicher 1995)
The ICSI PET home page