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Probabilistic NC1-Circuits Equal Probabilistic Polynomial Time
Marek Karpinski and Rutger Verbeek
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We prove that probabilistic NC1 (PrNC1) circuits (i.e. uniform log-depth poly-size circuits with unbounded error probability) are computationally exactly as powerful as probabilistic polynomial time. This entails that the probabilistic NCk-hierarchy collapses at the NC1 level; if unbounded fan-in is allowed it collapses even at the level 0. As a side effect we prove the identity PrNC = Pr2SC = Pr2SC1 (Pr2SCk meaning simultaneous polynomial time and logk n space bounded machines with two-way random tape [KV 84]). The central problems in computational complexity theory are whether NC = P [Co 83], NC2 = NC and SC = NC [Co 79, Ru 81] and the most classical problem whether LOGSPACE = P. Surprisingly the results of the present paper and [KV 84] give affirmative answer to all these questions in the probabilistic case.

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