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ESPRIT Working Group: 21726 Randomized Algorithms (RAND2) Annual Progress Report
Marek Karpinski
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The research within the project RAND2 has concentrated on the following research areas (see Section 3, Research Papers): \begin{itemize} \item[(1)] Design of efficient (both sequential and parallel) randomized algorithms for selected combinatorial, algebraic, and geometric problems (Bonn, Edinburgh, Leeds, Lund, Oxford, Paris, Rehovot) \item[(2)] Foundations of randomized complexity of computational problems (Bonn, Oxford, Paris, Rehovot) \item[(3)] Randomized approximation problems (Bonn, Edinburgh, Leeds, Oxford, Rehovot) \item[(4)] Computation with limited randomness resources (de-randomization methods) (Bonn, Edinburgh, Lund, Oxford, Paris, Rehovot) \item[(5)] Computational learning theory, theory of Neural Networks, and Applications (Bonn, Edinburgh, Paris) \item[(6)] Quantum Computation (Bonn, Edinburgh, Oxford, Paris) \end{itemize}

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