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"Randomized Algorithms"

RAND2 (No. 21726)

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  • Overview

    RAND2 is a Working Group funded by the EU ESPRIT BR, with sites in Bonn, Edinburgh, Leeds, Lund, Oxford, Paris, and the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot.

    The research within the Working Group RAND2 is concentrated on the following research areas:

    1. Design of efficient (both sequential and parallel) randomized algorithms for selected combinatorial, algebraic, and geometric problems.
    2. Foundations of randomized complexity of computational problems.
    3. Randomized approximation problems.
    4. Computation with limited randomness resources (de-randomization methods).
    5. Error-Resilient ATM Based Transmission.
    6. Computational learning theory, theory of Neural Networks, and Applications.
    7. Quantum Computation.
    For a more general overview on RAND's research program see the section "Objectives and Approach" on RAND's homepage.

    The active RAND2 members associated with the Bonn site are: Marek Karpinski, Peter Wegner, Christoph Günzel, Yakov Nekritch and Jürgen Wirtgen.

    Contact in Bonn

    Contact Person:
    Marek Karpinski

    Postal Address:
    Dept. of Computer Science
    Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144
    53113 Bonn

    Phone and Fax:
    +49 (0)228 734224 (office)
    +49 (0)228 734327 (secretary)
    +49 (0)228 734440 (fax)


    Travel information

    RAND Seminar


    Next talks

    Date Name Title
    14 hct.
    L.L. Lawrence and W. Bein
    (Las Vegas)
    The Trackless 2-Server Problem
    13 hct.
    C. Smith
    Towards a Theory of Discovery
    15 hct.
    S. Jukna
    (Trier, Vilnius)
    Entropic Approach to Proving Lower Bounds for Branching Programs

    Former Talks


    Research Activities



    For a complete overview on RAND's research results see the section "Results" on RAND's homepage.


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