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Postal address:

Department of Computer Science and
Hausdorff Center for Mathematics,
Lab for Foundations of Computing,

University of Bonn,
Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 5,
53115 Bonn.

Visitor address:

Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 8,
53115 Bonn.
Office: 2.069, Secretary: 2.056,

Phone and Fax:

+49 (0)228 73-4224 (office),
+49 (0)228 73-4327 (secretary),
+49 (0)228 73-4440 (fax).

Electronic mail:


Short Bio

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Research overview:

Professor Karpinski's research interests are in the design of efficient algorithms, especially randomized and approximate algorithms, computational molecular biology, theory of parallel and distributed systems, and the most fundamental issues of computational complexity and the circuit theory.

Professor Karpinski is also interested in efficient approximation methods for the geometric and combinatorial optimization problems which appear to be intractable in exact computation settings.

He is also a Professor at the Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics and a founding member of the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics. He is also a member of the Universities B-IT Research School in Informatics.

Randomized and Approximate Algorithms:

In this area Professor Karpinski is occupied with fundamental questions of computational complexity, design of randomized and approximate algorithms, organization of parallel and distributed systems, internet algorithms as well as the resulting problems of network communication and algorithmic game theory. Additionally, Professor Karpinski is interested in the problems of geometric VC Dimension and computational learnability, and computational molecular biology.

Professor Karpinski is also interested in fundamental questions of randomization as computational resource. For some important computational problems, it appears now that the randomized or pseudo-randomized algorithms are more efficient than the deterministic ones in terms of running time, hardware size, circuit depths, etc.. Recently essential progresses have been made, e.g. the design of efficient approximate algorithms for various combinatorial and algebraic enumeration and optimization problems. Solutions to these problems have applications ranging from the algorithms, circuit design and coding theory to statistic mechanic und quantum theory.

In particular the research topics include:

Selected Recent Publications:

The most recent publications are to be found at the HCM address https://www.hcm.uni-bonn.de/people/faculty/publications/?tx_sevenpack_pi1%5Bauthor%5D=67&tx_sevenpack_pi1%5BbackPageId%5D=239.
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